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Compact Transformer Substations

Nur Investment Group outdoor transformer substation includes  (1)Medium/High voltage compartment, (2)Low voltage compartment (3) transformer compartment.

Nur Investment Group can make this substion as user and customers requirement under their drawing/single line diagram (SLD) and need .We design & produce this substation under the international standard of IEC1330 ,H.V.standard IEC62271-200.

HV & LV compartment is with completed function. H.V.compartment has various of power supply methods when testing power supply in 1 time, it also can be installed with H.V.testing appliances to reach the demand of H.V.testing.  

The transformer compartment can be choosed S7 ,S9 or other low consumption oil immersed transformer and dry type transformer.  The transformer compartment  has automatic start wind cooling systems and lighting systems.

Low voltage compartment can be made according to users' need , it adopts fixed or assembled structure to  be electrical power supply system,it has many function like  light distribution ,power distribution, reactive power ,electrical power testing..etc to improve the power distribution quality and satisfy the user.

This substation body mainly has metal material, stainless steel material , non -metal material ...which can be choosed by user and customers

This substation is a very important power distribution and supply unit in the electrical cable power is a kind of completed set of power supply with H.V.controlling,protection and converting ,distribution.. it used in 3 phase AC 50Hz and rated current max 1600KVA transformer.It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, residential quarters, hospital, mall, high-rise buildings and other distribution systems.

For this substation, we mainly produce & export 11KV, 15KV,20KV,24KV,33KV type.

For customized special type, once we get clear technical data or drawing,we also can make it .

Working Environment

1 Ambient temperature: -25℃~+40℃

2 Altitude: less than1000m

3 Relative humidity Daily average less than 95% Average value of water vapor pressure less than 2.2kpaMonthly average less than 90% Average value of water vapor pressure less than 1.8kpa

4 Seismic intensity:less than magnitude 8

5 Outside wind speed less than 35m/s6 Apply to the places have no fire,no explosion danger and no chemical corrosion 


Quantity: 1000

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